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Fully Automated HVAC Controls

We'll design a custom solution for your facility geared toward minimizing operational costs, reducing energy consumption, and improving the quality of your environment.

About Air Quality Specialists, Inc.

Air Quality Specialists was founded in February of 1996 by husband and wife duo Jack and Denise Skaletski. Frustrated with the stagnation of mechanical HVAC options of the mid 90s, Jack recognized the untapped potential of electronic controls within the HVAC industry for residential and commercial manufacturing facilities, and sought to bring the “technology of the future” to their tiny town of Green Bay, WI. While working out of their garage, Jack and Denise used their local contacts to begin growing their budding company, first within Brown County and northeast Wisconsin, and later expanding into upper and lower Michigan and Minnesota.

Now, in 2019, Air Quality Specialists is a trusted name in the HVAC Controls business working with several well-respected manufacturing, industrial, energy utility and educational facilities to provide custom, cost-effective building automation and control solutions to suit the diverse needs of their clientele. By designing and implementing affordable web-based integrated open communications building control systems, Air Quality Specialists assist in minimizing operational costs, increase the control over a client’s utilities, decrease energy consumption for production runs, and/or increase the quality and comfort of a learning environment.

At Air Quality Specialists we believe that people are the heart of our business. We take extra care to hire the right men and women for the job, provide industry leading, hands-on training, and give them the opportunity and support to complete the job quickly, accurately, and completely the first time. Air Quality Specialists technicians are hired based on demonstrated assets including integrity, honesty, confidentiality, the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with our customers, and the continuous drive to raise the bar of service in the HVAC community.

Ready to kick start your HVAC career? Click here to view available positions at AQS!

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