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Fully Automated HVAC Controls

We'll design a custom solution for your facility geared toward minimizing operational costs, reducing energy consumption, and improving the quality of your environment.

Established in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1996, Air Quality Specialists, Inc. quickly became a leading HVAC building automation and control contractor serving northeast Wisconsin, parts of upper Michigan and Minnesota. We work directly with utility, educational, industrial, manufacturing and commercial facilities to provide custom, cost-effective building automation and control solutions for each of our client’s unique needs.

With over 20 years of HVAC controls and automation experience, we excel at identifying areas of risk and controllable expenses that threaten day to day business activities, and interfere with reaching your business or production goals.  By designing and implementing an affordable, user friendly, web-based, integrated open communications building control system, our team will help you minimize operational costs, increase the control over your utilities, decrease energy consumption per production run, or increase the quality of a learning environment.


Air Quality Specialists, Inc. is proud to be an authorized Honeywell Building Control Specialist offering automation solutions with Honeywell Niagara WEBs-AX & N4 systems and giving you access to a collection of best-in-class open protocol products using LonWorks™, BACnet®, ModBus, and OPC-based products for all your facility needs.

AQS provides quality solutions for:

HVAC Temperature Controls
Preventative Maintenance
System Design & Retrofit
Remote Multi-location HVAC Management
Mechanical Maintenance
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